“DateShield is a very useful app that helps you spot red flags when dating. It’s a very good tool to assess warning signs that potential partners may not be trustworthy or emotionally safe.”

Dr Samantha Rodman
Dr Samantha Rodman

Clinical psychologist,
author of How To Talk to Your Kids About Your Divorce and 52 Emails To Transform Your Marriage

“As a clinical psychologist, I’ve seen a lot of women in private practice seek therapy following toxic and abusive relationships. Words cannot describe the amount of pain and suffering that these women have endured, and coming out of such relationships takes a lot of courage and strength. I am very grateful to have been a part of their journey of recovery, which can take up to several years.
However, it brings me peace of mind and happiness to know that there IS a way to help prevent people from getting hurt in the future.
The questions in the app devised by Nigel are absolutely on-point. They shed light on possible red flags to be mindful of when entering into a relationship. I strongly believe that this app can help individuals think twice before entering and fully investing in a potentially unhealthy relationship. In addition, there are several useful features in the app such as “The Journal”, which encourages the user to write down their thoughts and ideas following a date. Journaling is a very helpful technique to monitor our thoughts and emotions, and allows us to reflect on our experiences.
I hope people recognize the value of the DateShield app.”

Dr Nicole El Marj
Dr Nicole El Marj

Clinical psychologist

“DateShield is not only an excellent idea but also a wonderful practical resource for those navigating dating. This application helps users log and identify potential red flags, which is critical especially with the recent uptick in online dating. Sometimes, discerning unhealthy behavior in relationships can be difficult, but DateShield makes it easier.”

Delphine Burns

Communications Manager at Monarch Services, and abuse survivor.


“I was in an abusive relationship with a narcissist for nearly three years. He was so charismatic and attentive that I didn’t realise how dangerous he was until it was too late. It took a long time for me to extricate myself and even longer for my self esteem to recover. I wish DateShield had been around then. I’m sure that the incisive, psychologist-endorsed questions, safety dial and journalling function would have helped me to protect myself from someone who seemed like Prince Charming but turned out to be a predator.”

– Name Withheld

“I was in a relationship with someone who was extremely difficult and manipulative (but of course I thought he was absolutely charming at the time). We were together for about 2 years and we had plans to get married. Spoiler alert: the happy ending is that we didn’t get married! I was SO blind-sighted by how he showered me with care, affection, and compliments. At the time, I used to think that he was “just overprotective”. When in fact he was very controlling. He slowly tried to isolate me from my family and friends – and he almost succeeded. There were so many signs early on that something was just off but I kept ignoring my gut instinct. There were so many inconsistencies that I overlooked (e.g. there was a mismatch with how much he said he earned versus his actual lifestyle…). He lied over and over again, and I kept trying to justify his behavior. He often made me feel that I was doing something wrong. I’ve thankfully recovered since and I’m in a healthy relationship now but it took me years to learn to trust again. I’m really excited that this app is available to help prevent people from getting into toxic relationships that can potentially cause a lot of emotional pain, suffering, distrust, and confusion. Word of advice: Don’t ignore the early warning signs!”

– Name Withheld
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